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Creative client story

My most creative clients have the hardest time getting their books in order.

I once worked with a very successful graphics and printing business run by two creative entrepreneurs.

They had plenty of clients, but with limited financial and operational accounting, they had no idea where the money was going.

Now, you won’t see a creative brief coming from me unless I get a brain transplant. But with ~22 years of experience in accounting, this I can do.

I helped them set up proper bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting. I set up their accounting in a way that would keep them going. Their investors could now see accurate, relevant, and GAAP-compliant information.

Yay, right?

After their books were neat and reconciled, I worked with this client to get them ready for an audit. They were confident in the numbers they gave their investors and bankers, and they completed their first audit.

They’re managing their finances just fine now!

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