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Really good referrals

A CPA will usually have a network of professional colleagues in similar positions. If you need a skilled lawyer, payroll service provider, marketing professional, lawyer... a CPA can give you names of people who will actually know what they’re doing. This way, you don’t have to guess your way through a stack of names: you get the right person right away. Larger businesses (like the ones making over a quarter-million dollars in profit) need to hire a CFO to take care of all this stuff that makes sure their money is going to the right places. But smaller businesses and startups can get professional-level advice and support by outsourcing the CFO position to a CPA. This way, they get all the money-saving tips and tricks from a CPA, but without paying the exorbitant salary of a CFO. Focus on the hustle. Leave more money in your pocket. Ahuva Gruen of AG Financial is a professional CPA who went through rigorous schooling and has over 20 years of professional experience. Call or email Ahuva today to discuss how she can help your business save money and become more efficient. For a free consultation, call 732-813-1CPA or email

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