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Bookkeeping & QuickBooks


Many small businesses (are we looking at you?) are not financially ready to hire a full-time bookkeeper.

But that’s no reason to have a mess of a QuickBooks (or none at all).


With outsourced CFO services, you can have professional bookkeeping at affordable rates. 

Manage cash flow and meet payroll, easily.

You’ll be able to focus on building your business, and you’ll know exactly who needs payment and who needs to pay you.


Sounds like something you could use?

Go for it! 

Forecasting & Budgeting


Got a business plan?

Well, you definitely should.

You can’t change your financial past, but you can certainly plan responsibly for the future.


Our forecasting and budgeting services can measure actual financial performance against your anticipated performance.

This way, you’ll get a real picture of where your business’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

Another plus of this service is making sure you have resources available so you won’t have to push off future projects.

Financial Reporting


Papers flying on your desk?

Documents and sheets saved in haphazard locations on your computer?

Numbers orbiting unknown moons in outer space?


You need your reports organized professionally, so you can make payroll, pay taxes, and have your finger on the numbers.


We can split your numbers into daily, weekly, or monthly flash reports — or full financial statements.

Ask for our package rates for balance sheets, profit and loss statements, statements of cash flow, or whichever paperwork you need to take care of. 

Advisory Services


Need help figuring out the right way to legally structure your business?

Establish policies and procedures for your business?

Financial best practices, proper licensing, setting up QuickBooks?


If you don’t do this every day, it can be hard.

Well, we at AG Financial do it every day.

Zip-zap through the process, taking full advantage of our experience.


No more stress when you’re set up for success. 

Debt & Financing Facilitation


When potential investors check out your business, you want it to look good.

As your CFO service, we’ll help you develop a plan to give them the return on investment they’re looking for.  

Financing programs such as bank loans, mortgages, and of course, PPP, can be confusing to navigate.

No need to crack your head over the requirements — we’ll set you up and hold your hand along the way so you get to benefit from this kind of government help.

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