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How to delegate effectively, Part 2

I think this one is so important:

Make sure the delegate understands the value of the task.

When you give someone else a job to do, make sure that person understands why it has to be done.

When you just tell your bookkeeper, “Hey, I need you to keep a good record of those transactions you do,” make sure they know what’s going to happen if the record-keeping is faulty.

(“If these sheets aren’t clear, I’m going to have a difficult time with the IRS.”)

If your employee doesn’t understand how important their task is, they might slack off over time and you’ll be left having to make a difficult decision:

Should I keep reminding them (i.e., be an annoying micromanager), or should I forget about it (and get into deep trouble with the IRS)?

Ahuva Gruen says: spare yourself the need for Advil. Make sure your delegate understands why this task must be done.

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